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 Come on in and learn about

our fabulous little Boxer replicas !

Our dogs are an easy size to deal with ! This is an adult dog.



Photo from "How to Breed Dogs"
Pg 357, Published in 1937

There is actual Boxer blood in the pedigrees of ALL of our Mini Boxers.

We starting the development of our unique small sized Boxer replica's in 2004.  Keep in mind that it takes decades upon decades to develop new strains/breeds of dogs  and there is MUCH work to do.  We are highly experienced canine speciality breeders (since 1990).

Of course, being experimental breeds/strains of dogs, they are not recognized by the major kennel clubs. It takes many decades for a new strain of dog to be considered a "breed". There are very few breeders working at developing these dogs at this time, making them extremely rare.


Looking into the past of any dog breed, they were all once upon a time created by someone mixing different breeds together so that they could come up with a new/unique look, size or capability. What we are endeavoring is no different.  Remember God did not create all the breeds of dogs that we have, people have been responsible for creating and developing all of the many breeds.

It is also very common for breeds to come in various size options. For example Poodles come in toy, miniature and standard sizes; Schnauzers come in miniature, standard and giant; Dachshunds are available in miniature and standard sizes, etc.