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Email rec'd Feb 2010:  Just thought I would send some pictures of Gixxer, the dog I got from you guys in August of 2007. He's been an amazing dog to me and would love to share some pictures of how he's doing. I want to say he was a Chaco and Missy litter. He definitely looks like Chaco a bit and weights 32 lbs. He's such a funny dog, he has so much character and brings joy to anyone and everyone that sees him. Thanks for the great dog!


Email rec'd Feb 2010:  Julie, Happy New Year! I hope 2010 has started well for you and your family. We thought you may like to see our little man - he is a Mo x Frankie son we named Zeus and he came all the way to Michigan for us.  He has been such a treasure for me - he is the best company and the greatest friend. He's now just over 8 months old and keeps us very busy and entertained. We wanted to share a few pictures with you.... All the best,


Email rec'd Jan 2010:  Hey Julie!  I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail.  We purchased one of your male mini-boxers at the beginning of December and we just wanted to send you a quick note a few pictures (or a little more than a few, what can we say... we're a little obsessed! :)  Meet Dexter!  (Fiona x Chuck) He's now just over 6 months and we absolutely ADORE him!  He is close to completing his beginner puppy training class and has learned so many new things.  He can sit, stay, shake, high five, roller over, stay, crawl... the list goes on and on.  He LOVES other dogs and he loves our two cats... however, they're still not too sure about him.  :)  He loves meeting new people, but is still a little unsure about little kids - I think they are a little too "in his face" - but we're working on getting him used to children at puppy class and he's doing great.  He is fully potty trained and hasn't had an accident in a really long time.  It happens from time to time, but they are VERY far and few between.  All in all, things are going great.  We love him so much - thank you for providing us with such a loving, sweet little guy.  Everyone loves him (my mom affectionately refers to him as her "grandson") and EVERYONE stops us when we're out walking with him or in puppy class to comment on how cute he is (he totally knows it too!  He's a little ham!)  He's the apple of our eye!  Thank you again, Julie.  We absolutely love Dexter and in the future when we want to give him a little brother/sister, you will definitely be in mind!  Thank you!


Email rec'd Jan 2010:  Hi Julie - I just wanted to say hi, and thank you again for Gracie (born in February 2007).  She is the best dog of my life, and she is well and happy.  I love looking at the puppies on the website, and definitely plan on another puppy from you in the future.  The pick of the litter pup from November 2009 is absolutely adorable.  Happy New Year!


Email rec'd Jan 2010:  Good Morning Julie. Just thought Id check in and send you a few pictures of Denali. She is amazingly sweet and smart. We just love her to pieces! Shes doing very well with potty training. We weren’t sure about using the UGo Dog Training tray, but shes picking it up like its nothingJ A couple we are friends with met her on New Years Eve and completely fell in love with her. I think they are checking out your newest litter or perhaps one of your older dogs for a new family memberJ Thank you so much…


Email rec'd Dec 2008:  Hi Julie, I just wanted to write to say hi and give you an update on Houston .  We have had a busy year.  This summer we moved form our apartment into a house with a fenced back yard.  Houston loves it and exuberantly runs circles around it (even in the snow).  We also passed puppy kindergarten and are now working on a pre-agility course.  He has been, mostly, J  a very well behaved dog and is definitely an important member of our family. Happy Holidays! 


(Dec 2009 update:  Houston's owners got him a buddy to play with!!)  Hello,  I just wanted to forward a couple pictures to you.  You were so right.  He is extremely quite and wel behaved.  He loves playing with Houston too, he's a real scrapper when he gets going.  He is amazing, we are so in love!


Email rec'd Feb 2010:  Hey Julie, we are so in love with Maizie we want another pup from you!

Email rec'd Dec 2009:  Deekin is 15 pounds and Lilly is 18.....She is solid!!!  Deekin is very intelligent...sometimes too much for his own good. We try to buy him these "complex" dog toys but he always has them figured out in 10 minutes or so. Lilly is a little love-bug. Always wants to be touched and held.


Email rec'd Nov 2009:  Hi Julie, I purchased a mini boxer from you early this summer. I just wanted to let you know how satisfied my family and I are to have such a wonderful puppy in our home. We always get compliments on how beautiful and how cute our puppy is. We named her Kangaroo (because she loves to hop around when she is playing) we call her Kanga for short. She's grown up so fast when we first got her she was 6 pounds and now at around 7 months she's weighing around 18 pounds. Thanks again,


Email rec'd Oct 2009:  Hey Julie, we are home with "Desiel" he's doing great. Already making himself at home! He's very lovable too and trying to make friends with the cat...well anyways thank you again so much and you were great to work with. We will recomend you to anyone that wants to purchase a puppy!

Email rec'd Dec 2008:  Hey! It has been awhile! And Dub has gotten so big :) I thought you might like to see how he looks :) Thank you so much, he has become my best friend :))


Email rec'd June 2007:  Hi There, from Emerson Manitoba just stopping in to send you some new pics of Gizmo. He is now 10 months old and is and always will be the love of my life. He has brought so much joy and entertainment to my life and I am so happy to have got him. He is a loving, cuddly little guy and gives me so much that I can't express how happy I am to have found you guys and drove those 14 hours to get him! No a single regret and I'm sure there never will be. So here are his pictures and I hope you like him!


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