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Payment Methods (in order of preference):

Local Customers:
Cash, Money Order.   Sorry we no longer accept checks (thanks to being ripped off by a lovely couple here in MN).  We can accept checks for initial reservation fees or deposits, but all final payments must be paid in cash or money order.
Out of State Customers:
Western Union, Money Order, Cashier Check, Bank to Bank Wire Transfer (add $15 add'l for bank to bank).

As of November 2013 Customers will have to purchase their puppies in a specific manner to satisfy the Federal Government's new law that says they can only purchase long distance and have a puppy shipped to them if the breeder they are buying from is USDA licensed.  We choose to home raise our pups, so cannot be Federally licensed.  We can guide people through the shipping process.  It requires paying 2 different businesses with your credit or debit card.

We collect sales tax from MN Residents, .07125%.