Come on in and learn about our experimental types of new dog breeds

Our ultimate goal is to develop a sturdy toy/mini sized family companion dog in two different breed types: 

One that is black and tan, blue and tan, or chocolate/brown and tan in color that resembles a Rottweiler in miniature. 

The other one that is Fawn(red) or Brindle in color, with or without flashy white markings, that resembles a Boxer in miniature.

Maizie at 12 weeks old
She is now an adult at 22 pounds.
Marvelous Marvin

There are several different breeds of dogs being used in the creation of these two new types of dogs. The Pug is used in both the Carlin Pinscher/Mini Rotts and the Mini Boxers.

There is NO Rottweiler blood in our Mini Rotts/Carlin Pinschers.

Depending on the litter, there may or may not be Boxer blood in the Mini Boxers.

Keep in mind that we are very early on in the development of these breeds and there is MUCH work to do. We are highly experienced dog breeders (since 1990) but have only been working with these two new “developing breeds” since late 2003.

Of course, being experimental breeds/strains of dogs, they are not recognized by the major kennel clubs. It takes many decades for a new strain of dog to be considered a “breed”. There are very few breeders working at developing these dogs at this time, making them rather rare.

Photo from “How to Breed Dogs”
Pg 357, Published in 1937

Looking into the past of any dog breed, they were all once upon a time created by someone mixing different breeds together so that they could come up with a new/unique look, size or capability. What we are endeavoring is no different.

It is also very common for breeds to come in various size options. For example Poodles come in toy, miniature and standard sizes; Schnauzers come in miniature, standard and giant; Dachshunds are available in toy and standard sizes, etc.

The photo to the left was something interesting I stumbled upon. It shows that many years ago someone had already endeavored to create a Mini Boxer!

A 4 week old Mini Rottie female puppy.
Marvin as a teenager

A pregnant Maizie hanging out with our Persian cat.
All of our dogs and cats love each other.

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